Ionic Tabs + Side Menu

The first choice that you're likely to make when starting an ionic application is which boilerplate template to use and it forces you to ponder on the navigational flow you'd like users to follow.

Ionic offers three basic templates to use...

  1. Blank
  2. Tabs
  3. Side Menu

... all of them with their own specific use case. If you'd like an Instagram App flow, you might start off with Tabs or if you'd like something more reminiscent of the OkCupid app, you might lean toward starting off with the Side Menu.

However, as your application grows, window space becomes an issue and several forms of navigation are needed. A good example being the Facebook app. At some point, you'll probably want both.

So, to make it easier for any developers looking for just that, I've made a boiler plate template for Tabs + Side Menu on Github.