Ionic View in 4 steps

At work recently, our CEO approached us wanting to view the progress of our mobile app using an actual device. He didn't want something that he had to plug in, he just wanted to be able to see our progress and he wanted to do it at his convenience.

And I'm like...there's an app for that.

It's called Ionic View and I've found it useful to not only show my apps to CEOs but to outside contractors/collaborators as well. It operates similarly to Apple TestFlight and it requires you to upload your mobile application to an Ionic server. Fortunately, Ionic View is currently free but unfortunately it's a likely candidate to be a monetizing feature for Drifty that developers will have to pay for in the future.

So while it's free, it should remain an easy/free tool for devs to showcase their work. Here's a quick guide to setting up Ionic View on iOS.

1. Sign up

Go to and sign up for the service. This is also the account where you can access Ionic Analytics and Ionic Push.

2. Upload the app

Using the terminal, navigate to the root folder of the project you'd like to upload and execute ionic upload. If this is the first time using it, you'll be prompted to provide the email and password used while signing up. After uploading, be sure to take note of the appId which is the sequence of numbers and letters directly after >Successfully uploaded in parenthesis. This is your appId.

You'll also be given to an opportunity to send email notifications to those you wish to share the app with.

$ ionic share

3. Get Ionic View

Next, you'll need to get Ionic View from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed, you simply login and navigate to the Ionic app you'd like to display. For this example, I uploaded the ionic-okcupid-side-menu example I created for a previous post.

4. Share the app

If you decided to share the app by email via the bash terminal, the recipients should receive something similar to the one below.

An alternative option to is to send the appId directly to whomever you'd like to share via the Ionic View app. This option can be accessed by clicking the eye icon in the top left corner of the app.

In conclusion, keep your boss happy...

...just type $ionic share